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The October 2015 Kingston Biodiversity Network meeting was all about Parks

Press release for Meeting of 2nd October 2014

More than forty people attended the meeting, which saw talks from Daniel Raven-Ellison, whose campaign to make Greater London a National Park has received national media attention, and Council Leader Kevin Davis, who outlined his thoughts about the future of Kingston and the importance of Green spaces.

Daniel Raven-Ellison

Daniel, introduced the bold idea of turning London into a National Park. The idea is to challenge perception on how we use green spaces by giving this name status to London. An emphasis was made on educating children through the outdoors. He said, only 1 in 7 families in London take their children to parks.

Daniel wants this status to highlight the environment and environmental issues.  He then spoke of London’s tradition of conserving green spaces and the large number of trees across London. Wildlife and humans walking side by side, wilder than you’d find in the countryside.

Daniel’s keenness invoked lively discussion and the idea was welcomed by many, including Councillor Kevin Davis, who promised to look into Kingston Council becoming a friend of London City National Park. The Greater London National Park website is:

Councillor Kevin Davis

The leader spoke about the issues of population growth in our borough, population in Kingston is estimated to go up 30,000 in the next ten years. This would mean building more homes which could endanger existing green spaces. An increase of primary school places was also mentioned.

He described the ambition to moor Gloriana at Canbury Gardens with a view to getting funding for a Victorian theme for Gardens improvements.

There was discussion about Tolworth area including turning Tolworth Court Farm into a country park. Kevin also spoke of the possibility for an Educational Centre on a piece of adjacent unused land. There were questions of whether this is a positive development, he invited input from the Network.

Kevin will attend a walk through Tolworth Court Farm, on Sunday 2nd November, open to all, meeting at Tolworth Railway Station at 2pm. For more information contact  

Kingston Biodiversity Network will be holding their next meeting in January 2015 more information will be available nearer the time.


Kingston Biodiversity stall at Surbiton festival

On 27th September 2014 there was a great deal of interest in the Network at the Surbition Festival, where we had a stall.

 Surbiton festival

Statement on Biodiersity Offsetting.

The Kingston Biodiversity Network notes with concern the lack of proper regulation of "Biodiversity Offsetting". Accordingly we believe such a process is inappropriate for use within the Royal Borough of Kingston due to the limited amount of open green space. We would strongly recommend that the borough adopt an equivalent stance to that of the London Borough of Richmond. This was unanimously agreed at the meeting on 31st July 2014.