We are passionate about Kingston’s wildlife. It is vital that people are aware of the importance of our green spaces and have an understanding of nature and how to protect it and this is what we do.

Link like minded people and organisations
Establish links between organisations and people interested in conserving and improving the biodiversity of the borough.
Connect existing local volunteering organisations and professionals to utilise their knowledge and skill to ensure successful conservation outcomes.

Increase engagement
Through schools, youth groups, community groups and local businesses.
Develop friends groups to support nature conservation at a local level.

Work closely with the Royal Borough of Kingston
Complement and assist the council's work within green spaces for wildlife and local people.
Work closely with the council to align resources and ensure long term viability of the network.

Build up data and establish baselines
Carry out surveys and use existing data to build up a picture of Kingston’s ecosystems.
Use this understanding to guide interventions to uphold the health of the ecosystem.
Draw upon local expertise and research to produce conservation guidelines including habitat management plans.
Aid the development and implementation of a Biodiversity Action Plan for Kingston

Raise awareness about biodiversity
Broaden engagement in the process of conservation and habitat creation through schools, youth groups, community groups, local businesses and advertising.
Campaign to preserve and reinvigorate the habitats of Kingston. Training and Surveys

We welcome all groups or individuals with an interest in biodiversity at whatever level.

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