One of the networks primary aims is to facilitate the creation of a Biodiversity Action Plan for the Borough, this is a piece of documentation that is required by international law. B.A.P.s contain information about species and habitats, and describes how these ecosystems should be suitably managed for their conservation and preservation. B.A.P.s should be consulted by all planners if they wish to develop currently undeveloped areas or areas with ecological importance. We are currently in the process of collating previous data and research to start formulating an up to date plan. Once completed we will upload the documents regarding specific habitats and species, which will be accessible to all. 


Working with the cooperation of Kingston Council, our network will produce 5 Habitat Action Plans for the borough, which are to be included within the Kingston Green Spaces Strategy. Such legislation will encourage, promote and enforce best practise in the management and conservation of the remaining habitats found within Kingston, the action plans will include:



The network will also produce two statements regarding Kingston's stance towards both light pollution and biodiversity offsetting. 


Watch this space for more information and development, if you wish to get involved please let us know!