Three months ago John Lewis Kingston accepted the networks application to take part in their community matters scheme. And I am now very pleased to announce that John Lewis will be awarding us £846 to kick start community Hedgerow survey across the borough.


Ancient hedgerow can be found across Kingston, and this habitat can support a wealth of native biodiversity thus being a pivotal element of Kingston remaining wildlife. However, in recent years there has been a lack of hedgerow surveys throughout Kingston, therefore making it difficult to express the importance of these complex habitats. Consequently, making it easier for developers to degrade and destroy our ancient hedgerows, however we at the Kingston Biodiversity Network will be instigating a community based survey.


Such a survey will aim to achieve a range of objectives, the methodology will be based a scientifically sound techniques and models of best practise which have been successfully implemented in the past, using ecologists and conservations organisations to guide our actions. The local community will be integral, using the survey as a tool to educate the importance of ancient hedgerows and expressing why they should be conserved. The information we collate will be published, thus hopefully protecting these areas from land developers. 


We at the network would like to convey our greatest thanks to John Lewis Kingston to making this project and possibility, watch this space for future details on how to get involved with this exciting and important survey.