Kingston Biodiversity Network Meetings

The Kingston Biodiversity Network holds a quarterly free networking meeting. You don’t need to know anything about conservation to come to the meeting, you just need an interest in nature.


  • An opportunity to meet likeminded people

  • A chance to learn more about conservation through a programme of interesting and innovative talks

  • A forum for updating each other on our activities or other conservation news across the borough

  • A place to request help, find volunteers and get advice

  • Inspiration and information for people to take action locally

Everybody is welcome and if you would like to meet somebody specific please make yourself known to Marina or Elliot and we will introduce you.

Dates for the 2017 Network Meetings

Wednesday, 15 March, 14 June, 13 September, 6 December


The meeting runs from 7pm to 9pm.

The up to date agenda is available on our facebook page, and circulated via our newsletter - sign up here.

The evening includes 2 short talks (20 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions), updates from the floor and a networking tea break.

Would you like to speak at one of our networking meetings? Please send me the title of your talk and a bit of background to be considered for future events.

Past speakers have included

Helen Spring, Lost Effra Project Coordinator, London Wildlife Trust: The Lost Effra Project; working with nature to make London resilient to climate change.

Marina Pacheco, Kingston Biodiversity Network: Why Kingston should care about beavers, managing rivers, the importance of beavers and dead wood in water.

Simon Jakeman (BEM), London’s Green Fireman: Green Fire, greening London’s Fire Stations, an inspiration for all who want to green grey buildings.

Elliot Newton, Kingston Biodiversity Network: A wild boar chase by - could we have Wild Boars in Kingston?

Marina Pacheco, Kingston Biodiversity Network: The Future of Conservation in Kingston, should we be more radical?

Nathan Cloney, Pollution Prevention Manager for Thames Water: An update on the pollution incident on the Hogsmill River and what is being done about it.

Polly Bryant, the Hogsmill Partnership: The way river partnerships work and the projects which are currently taking place along the Hogsmill River.

Marie- Claire Edwards the Green Spaces Service Manager for the Royal Borough of Kingston: The Kingston Green Spaces Strategy.

Karen Harper of the London Invasive Species Initiative (LISI): Their role in protecting London from invasive non-native species.

Tom Hooker, the founder of the Surbiton Wildlife Group presented on the borough's newest friends group.

Colin Cooper, (Chair Executive of SWLEN,South West London Environment Network): Friends groups around the UK.

Rob Gray, Chair of FORCE (Friends of the River Crane Environment): The inspiring story behind FORCE, now almost 12 years old, an organisation run entirely by volunteers.

Dave Dawson on the decline of House Sparrows in South West London and his journey to find the cause

Daniel Raven-Ellison, Why London should become the world's first 'National Park City'

Kevin Davis, (Leader of the Council), The future of Kingston 

Alison Fure, Bats and Light Pollution

Robert Waite, Managing Kingston's Green Spaces

John Lock, Kingston's woodland 


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Kingston Cemetery conservation day

The Kingston Cemetery Nature Group meet on the third Saturday of every month. We had a very successful day learning about meadows and sowing yellow rattle seeds, thank you to everyone who came along. We will be bramble trimming on our next get together. There are slim stems of bramble popping up all around the conservation zone and we will be cutting those back to protect the grassland.

It has been scientifically proven that you burn more calories doing one hour of conservation work than you do spending an hour at the gym! Other benefits over the gym are that this activity is free and you get the added bonus of working in nature. Working outdoors has proven benefits for your mental health. All in all, this is too good to miss!

Where: Kingston Cemetery, Bonner Hill Road, KT1 3EZ

When: 3rd Saturday of the month, 10am to 1pm - pop in at any time, come for the whole morning or just an hour. Tea and biscuits provided.