Hedgehogs are in big trouble throughout the United Kingston, it was thought that in the 1950s that there were 36.5 million hedgehogs living in our country, but it is now estimated that there are less than 1 million.


We want to try and work out how the Hedgehogs are doing in Kingston, and we need your help!


Volunteers are helping to make Hedgehog Surveying Tunnels which will then be placed all around the green spaces in Kingston, you can help to by borrowing one of our tunnels and putting it in your garden or local green space for one night and checking it in the morning.


Hedgehog Survey Tunnel


There are lots of ways to help the Hedgehogs near you, if you want find out how watch this short video by the Wildlife Garden Project. There are also great initiative like Hedgehog Street which you can get involved with, which aim to improve habitat for hedgehogs in urban areas.


To find out more information on how to conserve Hedgehogs and getting involved with our survey please contact us at KingstonBN@gmail.com


(Picture from http://www.crowboroughconservation.org/)